Posted on: July 3, 2010 9:47 am

NBA Free Agent Predictions

Lebron-  Bulls

D-Wade-  Heat

Chris Bosh-  Bulls

Joe JohnsonHawks

Dirk Nowitski-  Dallas

Paul PierceCeltics

Amare Stoudemire-  Heat

Carlos BoozerNets

David LeeSuns

Rudy Gay-  Cavs

Ray Allen-  Celtics

Raymond Felton- Knicks

Shaq-  Cavs

Nate Robinson-  Nets

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Posted on: July 3, 2010 9:38 am

MLB Trade Deadline- Pirates

The only guys on the Pirates that I could see being traded are Ryan Doumit, Aki, Zach Duke, Dotel, and Laroche.

Ryan Doumit-  He is only going to get traded to an AL team unless a NL team is in need of a catcher really badly.  He will probably become a DH for an AL team and my guess is it will be to the Red Sox.  The Red Sox also need insurance at the catcher postion because Varitek is old and Victor Martinez is on the DL right now.  We need to get young MLB ready players in return for him.  The only thing is that I dont want to see Jason Jarimillo catching for the Pirates the rest of the year.

Aki & Andy LaRoche These are two players that alot of team want to stay away from but I really could see one, if not both of these players getting traded in a package deal with Doumit, Duke, or Dotel.  They could be insurance as a utility and could fill in at second or third base for injured players.

Zach Duke-  I really dont know how many team would actually want Duke but he could be a 4 or 5 pitcher on alot of teams.  He could be an insurance pitcher for a contending team in the NL.  I really dont see him going to the AL because he gives up way too many HR.  But if he did end up in the AL then maybe we could get one of the Rangers young catchers for him.  AKA. Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Max Ramírez.

Dotel- There are rumors that the Marlins are looking at Dotel to trade for him and if that happened then the ideal trade IMO is Dotel for Anibal Sanchez.  He is a young pitcher with plenty of quality starts and can be a quality starter on our team.  And Dotel will only be a rental player for the Marlins anyways.  If not then we need to trade Dotel for a middle infield prospect (SS).  Dotel is probably our best trade chip right now.  He could be a solid setup man and can also be another closer for a team with an injury or a struggling closer.

Our older relievers could also be traded.
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Posted on: April 5, 2010 11:10 pm

Pirates 4/5/2010

I was at the opening day game today and it was a great game.  yea i know that the Pirates are not going to make the playoffs this year and probably wont even finish over .500 but still what i saw today was promising.  It was the first game but still Jones, Cutch, Lastings, Doumit, and even Jeff Clement played well but i have one suggestion for the Pirates Team.

BENCH Adam LaRoche.  He is horrible.  He cant hit, he doesnt try on defense and he looks like he doesnt care.  I beleive they should let Bobby Crosby start at third for Laroche until Pedro Alverez is ready.
Posted on: April 4, 2010 9:07 pm

Steelers April 4 2010

With all this Big Ben and Santonio rumors going around it makes me wonder what the Steelers should do if Big Ben is suspended.

I have two suggestions-
1. Allow Dennis Dixon to play and learn from his mistakes that he made in the Ravens game.  He played so well but had some first game mistakes and i believe he will be a productive QB for the Steelers if he is given the chance.

2. If Dennis Dixon doesnt play well, then i think the Steelers should go get Michael Vick.  With the Eagle trading Donovann to the Redskins Vick is the backup now for the Eagles it would be hard to trade for him but i think it would be worth it.  If he is given the chance to start again I think he will turn into the old Michael Vick. 

I also have some thoughts about the draft this year-
       The Steelers should not draft a lineman.  They should draft a CB.  I will predict that the Steelers draft Kyle Wilson out of Boise State in the first round and then they will trade some of there draft picks to draft Maurkice Pouncey out of Florida solidify the offensive line.

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